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For many diseases and dysfunctions prevention, early detection, and early intervention are key for achieving optimal health and wellness. General health blood testing can provide insight into the cause of many symptoms, and can help you and your doctor determine the necessary lifestyle changes and medical or therapeutic interventions needed to restore your health and to feel good again. Whether you are seeking answers to determine the cause of certain symptoms or you want a clear and comprehensive picture of your overall health, Health Today Lab’s General Health Blood Testing options can give you answers.

Health Today Health General Health And Wellness Screening

Health Today Health offers the following general blood tests to provide insight into your overall health and can determine the cause of certain worrisome symptoms:

  • Vitamin D: Vitamin D keeps our bones strong, aids in the absorption of calcium, and regulates parathyroid gland function. Deficiencies in vitamin D can result in loss of bone density and bone diseases such as rickets, osteoporosis, and osteomalacia. It can also contribute to high blood pressure, diabetes, cancer, autoimmune diseases like multiple sclerosis, and make you more susceptible to viral infections.
  • Vitamin B12: This B vitamin is important for red blood cell and DNA production and is critical for optimal brain and nervous system functions. Deficiencies in vitamin B12 can lead to hair loss, digestive problems, headache and fatigue, mood disorders, nerve damage, and mental impairments. Undiagnosed, long term deficiencies can even lead to more serious conditions like megaloblastic anemia, dementia, and schizophrenia.
  • Heavy Metals Screen: This test screens for the presence of certain heavy metals in your blood: arsenic, lead, cadmium, and mercury. Exposure to the metals can come from breathing in particles, ingesting, or through skin absorption. High levels of heavy metals can cause organ damage, behavioural changes, cognitive impairment, and even permanent brain damage. 
  • Lyme Disease: This test screens for signs of infection in your blood due to Lyme disease. Lyme disease is caused by the bacterium Borrelia burgdorferi and Borrelia mayonii and is transmitted through the bite of a blacklegged tick. This test is useful for people who are exhibiting symptoms of Lyme disease such as fever and/or chills, headache, fatigue and muscle aches, joint pain and inflammation, numbness and tingling in the limbs, memory and sleep disorders, and the tell-tale rash of a tick bite. It is also useful for those who are asymptomatic, but have recently removed a tick from their body.

Reliable Standard Screening With Advanced Testing Options

We offer a hybrid model of general blood work with access to enhanced, private testing. This means that Health Today is positioned to provide quick, efficient, but that we can also offer you access to tools that can provide a more advanced insight into your overall health and wellness. Here is what we offer:


7-21 days depending on which test is ordered. This is because certain tests have to be prepared for several days before they can be run and the lab may only run the tests once a week.

We are able to provide specimen collection and analysis for physician-requisitioned screenings and for private, enhanced screenings at your own discretion.

Your Partner In Optimal Health

Your Partner In Optimal Health

Health today is committed to providing the highest level of service to our in-clinic, mobile, corporate, and rural lab service clients across Canada. We promise to continue to provide advanced solutions for testing and overall health. We will be here whenever you need lab services, wherever you need them.

Choose Health Today as your partner in achieving better health. Call 1-403-800-9273 or contact us online.

Tomorrow’s Advances In Health Screening Available Today

Health Today leverages valued partnerships with global testing technology partners to bring Canadians advanced screening tools to aid in achieving optimal health and wellness. Offered alongside excellence in delivering standard lab services, these breakthrough technologies position Health Today to be every Canadian’s best option for health testing and screening.

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