Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

  • Ichor Health requires the collection of unique identifiers (name, date of birth, gender) in order to process your test specimen and ensure your sample and PDF result maintain proper chain of custody all the way through the process.
  • This information will only ever be shared with the laboratories we work with, the one exception being a COVID-19 PCR positive result would be reported to the appropriate provincial government.
  • The liability and release section states that if something goes wrong, either at the fault of Ichor, or one of our laboratory providers, liability is limited to the amount paid for the service. As an example, if a PCR test result is late, or contains spelling or other errors that result in a missed flight, you agree that Ichor is only liable to refund the cost of that PCR test, and waive your right to claim additional compensation such as flight or other costs.

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Ichor Health leverages valued partnerships with global testing technology partners to bring Canadians advanced screening tools to aid in achieving optimal health and wellness. Offered alongside excellence in delivering standard lab services, these breakthrough technologies position Ichor Health to be every Canadian’s best option for health testing and screening.

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