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Progesterone Test

PGSN, also known as Progesterone, S is a screening that measures the level of progesterone present in the blood. In females, progesterone is a hormone produced in the corpus luteum (a normal cyst that forms on the ovary every month during ovulation), the ovaries, the adrenal glands, and during pregnancy by the placenta and it plays a vital role in fertility and pregnancy. In males, progesterone is produced in the testicles and the adrenal gland and is a building block of testosterone. PGSN screening is a simple blood test.

What We Do

Who Is It For?

Progesterone screening is useful for:

  • Assessing for infertility
  • Determining if ovulation has occurred during a menstrual cycle
  • Evaluating abnormal uterine bleeding
  • Evaluating placental health, especially in high-risk pregnancy
  • Determining risk of miscarriage
  • Diagnosing an ectopic pregnancy
  • Evaluating effectiveness of progesterone therapy for use in early pregnancy support
  • Assessing adrenal disorders

Progesterone levels can also be associated with low libido, erectile dysfunction, enlarged prostate, and a higher risk for prostate cancer in men.

Why Is It Important?

PGSN screening a useful tool for your doctor to diagnose infertility or ovulation irregularities, monitor high-risk pregnancies, determine if a miscarriage has occurred, diagnose ectopic pregnancy, assess for ovarian cysts and cancer, and evaluate for adrenal gland disorders. Progesterone screening can help you understand your reproductive health and work with your doctor to make informed decisions regarding your treatment.

What is the cost?

If purchased on its own during your appointment, this test costs $90.00 + Tax

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We offer a hybrid model of general blood work and public lab services with access to enhanced, private testing. This means that Health Today Health is positioned to provide quick, efficient, and reliable tests when your physician requires, but that we can also offer you access to tools that can provide a more advanced insight into your overall health and wellness. Here is what we offer:

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Your Partner In Optimal Health

Your Partner In Optimal Health

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Health Today leverages valued partnerships with global testing technology partners to bring Canadians advanced screening tools to aid in achieving optimal health and wellness. Offered alongside excellence in delivering standard lab services, these breakthrough technologies position Health Today to be every Canadian’s best option for health testing and screening.

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